Ken Mac’s Moonlight Becomes You

This week from the Marco Pacci collection, a recording from 1942 by the Anglo-Indian bandleader Ken Mac.  The vocalist is Poona-born Beryl Templeman.  Two years before this track was cut, the critic for the Times of India went into raptures about the crooner. “She has a good, versatile voice and personality enough to tackle anything,” the paper wrote. “Had she been out in France, I’ve a hunch she could have deputised for Gracie Fields without a tremor.”

The tune was written for the film Road to Morocco. It’s been recorded by several vocalists, but perhaps the best-known version is by Bing Crosby.

Moonlight Becomes You by Ken Mac by Taj Mahal Foxtrot

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  1. Gregory says:

    Naresh, that is wonderful! What ever happened to Beryl Templeman?

  2. Christine says:

    Beryl Templeman was my mother-in-law. She died at age 62. Usually at private parties she sang for Aly Khan, Maharajah of of KoochBehar and Nizam Hyederbad while in the East. The actor Jack Hawkins urged her to join ENSA. By then she had already made over 100 records for HMV and had her own radio show with All India Radio. She was awarded the Burma Star by the Duke of Edinburgh. She also worked for the American Forces Radio Network in Germany. Returning from India she performed at the London Palladium with Ted Heath, toured with Roy Fox and appeared regularly with Jack Jackson at the famous Churchills Club in London and at that time was sharing a flat with her friend, Pearl Carr. In addition she worked with Joe Loss (Radio Luxembourg), Eric Winstone, Henry Hall, Harry Gold, and Eric Jupp and recorded with Frank Chacksfield. She also broadcast in BBCs Mid-Day Music Hall, Worker’s Playtime and the Wilfred Pickles Show. During her career she billed with Vera Lynn, Anne Shelton, Sophie Tucker, and Elsie and Doris Waters. Following the birth of her second child she primarily chose to work in cabaret for several years. She sold more than a million records.

  3. M.holmes says:

    She married my Uncle Leslie Holmes in 1947 had two sons Kim and Leslie she died in 1987 in Solihull,Warwickshire,England

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