12 Frenetic, Sleazy Heat

Braz Gonsalves
An original composition by the ace saxophonist, Braz Gonsalves. Braz impulse by naresh.fernandes

Sontosh Bogta
From the Frank Fernand film Amchem Noxib, 1963
Amchem Noxib
was only the second film made in Konkani. Frank Fernand produced the film and composed the score himself. Sontosh bogta by naresh.fernandes  


I Lost My Heart to You
A doo wop tune from the Frank Fernand film Amchem Noxib, 1963


The Real Ambassadors
Cultural Exchange
, 1962
Disgusted by the politics of the US State Department’s jazz tours, pianist Dave Brubeck and his wife Iola wrote a searing critique of the programme. The jazz opera The Real Ambassadors featured Louis Armstrong and Carmen McRae, among others, and was preformed at the Monterey Jazz Festival in 1962.

The Hecke Kingdom Quartet with Usha Uthup
Jambalaya, 1968
Jambalaya by naresh fernandes

The Toni Pinto Quartet
Polydor Blues, 1971
Toni Pinto took over Dizzy Sal’s chair at the Ambassador Hotel in Bombay. This track is from an EP he recorded in 1971. Polydor Blues by naresh fernandes

Amancio D’Silva
Street in Bombay,
Amancio D’Silva led a band at the Sun n Sand Hotel in Bombay before moving to London. Here’s a track from his album Konkan Dance. A street in bombay by naresh.fernandes  

The Braz Gonsalves 7
Down The Back Bay,
A composition by Braz Gonsalves. Here, he plays two saxophones at the same time. Braz Gonsalves – Down The Back Bay by naresh.fernandes

Rut Jawan,
1966 Chic Chocolate’s last movie appearance.

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