4 Attaining Hindustanese

The Cakewalk, 1903
This silent film from 1903 depicts a dance called the Cakewalk, which minstrelsy troupes popularised around the world. Its simple steps were easy for audiences to replicate and it wasn’t long before a cakewalk came to mean “something easily accomplished”.


Blackface routine
Vernon and Ryan, 1950
Minstrelsy routines remained a standard of US and British show stage shows well until the 1960s. Here’s one team from 1950.

Fisk Jubilee Singers
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, 1909
Fisk JubileeQuartet-SwingLowSweetChariot (1909) by naresh fernandes


The Rialto Quartet
Old Black Joe
One of the tunes the Christy Minstrels sang in India.
OldBlackJoe by naresh fernandes




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