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Rudy Rides Again

This photo, featuring Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn shaking hands with the great tenor saxophone player Rudy Cotton in Delhi in 1963, was sent to me recently by Percy Khatow, the Indian musician’s son. As regular readers of this site know, Rudy Cotton was born Cawas Khatau and descended from a long line of producers of Parsi drama. I had the pleasure of speaking to Percy Khatow briefly when I visited the UK last fortnight. Though he has a condition that makes it difficult for him to conduct long conversations, Percy called to ask if I’d received the photos and brochures he’d taken the trouble to email me.

Teddy Weatherford’s I Take To You

Trevor Mac, the drummer on this track by Teddy Weatherford and his Band, was born Trevor MacCabe to an Irish father and a Portuguese mother. He began his career in 1924 as a drummer with a stage show in the UK called Mr Tower of London, but seems to have moved to Bombay by 1929, where he played at Cornaglia’s restaurant in the Fort.

He soon adopted the name Trevor Mac and his first band was called Mac and His Melody Makers. He would later take his musicians on the road to Burma and other parts of South East Asia, where they would perform as Trevor Mac and His Ambassadors.

The 1930s found Trevor Mac in Bangkok, where he married a Thai girl. But he continued to spend holidays in Bombay, and would perform occasionally with the Anglo-Indian bandleader Ken Mac.

This track is from the Marco Pacci collection. It was made in 1941 and features Buddy Spencer on vocals.

I Take to You by TEDDY WEATHERFORD AND HIS BAND by Taj Mahal Foxtrot

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